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Chantelle Fulce, an artist from Phoenix, Arizona, embarked on her art career in 2018. Specializing in Abstract Expressionism, her works are a captivating blend of mixed media elements, including acrylic paints, oil pastels, sketching, and fluid mediums. Chantelle's artistic vision is rooted in the exploration of emotion and perspective, seamlessly marrying the principles of modern structure and design. Her creations serve as an introspective study, featuring clean lines, a harmonious interplay of bold and soft colors, intricate texture, and layered compositions.


2023 - Art Therapy Community Instructor: Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice at Arizona State Capitol "Survivors Speaks"

2023 - Art Curator & Juror for Maricopa Abstract Art Contest through the Maricopa Arts Council (Virtual Exhibit)

2023 to Current - Host Creatively Enhanced Podcast: Art Business 

2022 to 2023 - Maricopa Arts Council, Visual Arts Co-Director

Solo Exhibitions

Details Coming Soon

Group Exhibitions

2023 - Black & White Exhibition: FOUND RE Contemporary

2023 - Portland on the Park: 11th Cycle Artlink's In Residence Program

2022 - Portland on the Park: 10th Cycle Artlink's In Residence Program

2022 - Maricopa Cultural Library: Abstract Art Exhibition 

2019 - Phoenix Chocolate and Art Show

2019 - Phoenix Raw Artist Art Show 

2019 - Phoenix Trap x Art Show 

2018 - Phoenix Chocolate and Art Show

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