Creating art for a purpose...

The reason I create art is because I believe that there is a sense of purpose for art in the world. I believe that my art has the power to heal, to inspire others to create, and to inspire another minority to believe their crafts and skills are needed, regardless of the art they create. I want to empower and shift the art movement one day, where my art is highly recognizable. My artwork embarks on the movement of flow and rhythm. Often compared to the flow of water or an ocean, or deep emotion, it sparks a sense of inspiration that invites others to move in their life’s purpose and see creativity from a different perspective. The revelation of my art comes from seeing something outside or scrolling through social media or spending time with my children. I believe that if we continue to flow and move forward in life, despite life’s circumstances, we will intentionally continue to grow and become stronger in our purpose.


Abstract Artist

Chantelle .jpeg