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"Beauty in art, a journey of artistic endeavors, focused on a modern lifestyle of optimism, happiness, harmony, peace and discovery." -Chantelle Fulce

Chantelle Fulce is an accomplished trained Visual Abstract / Acrylic Artist & Interior Stylist. She currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, and is happily married with three children, where she began her art journey August of 2018. She attended Grand Canyon University and earned a Bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurial  Studies.


She is an artist who is passionate about her artwork. Chantelle’s work of art focuses on the sensual essence of modernism and movement, with the intention of portraying the complexities of life through a mixture of bold colors and flow.


Chantelle is fascinated with color. her artwork is strikingly vivid, bold, and free-flowing. She takes an intuitive approach to her paintings and lets the fluidity of the paint direct her to create a unique finish.

Chantelle's artwork has been displayed in art shows such as The Chocolate and Art Show (2018) Phoenix, RAW Artist Show (2019) Phoenix, Chocolate and Art again (2019) Phoenix, USA. She also had a press release for her work; her work can be found in the form of canvas, posters, home decor, stationery, and fabric. She has donated paintings to raise funds for a silent auction through PayPal for AZ Friends and Foster Children (2020).


Chantelle's paintings are developed by intuitive reactions when engaged in artwork. The method is totally organic and spontaneous. Which emerges from the canvas is an internal language that is highly emotional and intimate, but at the same time universal. 


Chantelle's inspiration comes from her life experiences and she is motivated by everything she sees, hears, and encounters. She can associate colors and shapes with sounds, music, and emotions that can weave into a web of meaningfulness and healing. Through her artwork, she aims to share a passion for color, beauty, and positive energy.

Each piece she created is special and its beauty is seen in the eyes of the viewer. Her art speaks for itself, and the viewer reveals her message. Through the various interpretations of her artwork, she sees a remarkable beauty.


Art is therapeutic and motivational to her. She believes that color speaks a profound, uplifting language and provide a sense of purpose within the world.

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